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What does TheGymChef do?

TheGymChef supplies Macro Friendly seasoning blends and other products that support your diet and fitness goals.

How do the Macro Friendly Seasoning Blends work?

Put simply, you just sprinkle, cook and eat.

Add a sprinkle of our seasoning blends on top of your meats and/or vegetables either before cooking or during the cooking process. It's that easy.

What makes TheGymChef Special?

Other food companies say their product is 'diet' but actually it contains a large amount of salt (sodium) that causes excess water retention. Other food companies are claiming their food is 'macro friendly' even when there is a high level of salt content in their product. The larger food industry, so called 'big food' is starting to put the word 'protein' on their packaging, even though the food inside is definitely not high in protein (e.g. cereals!)

TheGymChef has a key requirement for everything we sell -

  • Must have a low salt content
  • No added salt
  • No added sugar
  • Ingredients that can be understood (no words that people can't pronounce)

Our own seasoning blends, perfect as seasoning for chicken, or as seasoning for tacos, (or anything else for that matter) meets our stringent requirements, and they taste great. 

We have had people contact TheGymChef to say they have liver disease and found our seasoning helpful for their liver condition.

One customer contacted us to say our seasoning blends helped her deal with her eating disorder by making otherwise bland food a lot more interesting. 

TheGymChef is more than seasoning for gym lovers, it's more than seasoning for bodybuilders. It's more than seasoning for chicken and other meats because it's also vegan friendly and gluten free

TheGymChef is more than a person, it's more than a company, it's a movement. We can all be TheGymChef.