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About TheGymChef

About TheGymChef

The Gym Chef Story..

Let's start right at the beginning, the gym. A place where muscles are big but appetites are even bigger! Being an avid "Gym Junkie" and general enthusiast of all things to do with the GAINS I realised and noticed the amount of hard work, dedication, effort and pain a lot of athletes and general gym goers go through.

Being in the fitness scene and knowing all of the above I thought I would test my own capabilities, hired a coach and proceeded to diet down to what I now look back at as my best ever shape! The diet itself was great wholesome food but what was lacking was the all important flavour!

"80% Diet and 20% training" is something that is thrown around quite a lot! 

A few weeks in and I found myself combining spices and herbs to save my self from slipping away from the plan itself. Quickly realising this was a huge help in reaching my all important goal, I began to combine specific spices to create some of the original 6 flavours which now make up our "Tower Of Power".

In a similar fashion to the well known "Big Bang Theory" my second greatest achievement yet was born The Gym Chef Food Company (the first being my son).

As the UK's first healthy seasoning brand we knew it is important to keep our standards sky high in both our quality and our flavour profiles, each individual flavour we produced has been made via trial and error until we get the perfect result! Our unique and special pots are the one stop shop for your seasoning needs, at the start of our journey we began targeting the fitness market but we know YOU and everyone else can benefit from our range of products.








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