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We at The Gym Chef are truly humbled by the responses we receive on a daily basis so we thought we would share a few from our customers:

"The Gym Chef was born to solve one of the most common dieting problems - boring, bland food. We strive to revolutionise the way you, our fans cook, all the way from our seasoned bodybuilders/athletes to the mums out there. We got you covered!"

- Gurpal Virdee CEO



"I absolutely love TheGymChef seasonings, so much so I rarely go a day without them (especially the tandoori flavour!)....they are tasty, fresh and healthy and most importantly make my food delicious whilst helping me reach my fitness goals."

-@charlottefit2828 - Telford, UK




"Gym chef has revolutionised the way I drool over my own food prep!"

- @mkfitpt - London, UK



“Dieting or not, I was always on the lookout for seasonings without any excess nonsense added... Instead of buying a tonne of different herbs to make up my own concoctions, these healthy seasonings have made my life SO much easier and full of flavour without any fuss! Thank you Gym Chef!”

@gchopra_thefitlife - London, UK


“Your seasons help me make high quality macro friendly meals that taste amazing. They allow me to make meals that each day using similar base ingredients that taste completely different allowing me to enjoy my food and it not be repetitive 👩‍🍳👍”

@jenn_nesbit - Nottingham, UK


“I’ve had pretty much every flavour you guys sell now, they all taste amazing which is great for keeping me on track... Wouldn’t use anyone other than the gym chef!”

- @liftlikeliam - Nottingham, UK


“The gym chef seasonings have been an absolute god send for my competition prep, adding so much flavour with next to no calories and salt. I’ll continue to use Gym chef in and out of the prep season and would highly recommend all of their flavours - especially summer bbq, Cajun and smoke n spice 🔥👊🏻”

- @dshepherd7 -  Fleetwood, UK


“The fact that the spices can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with just a few sprinkles!”

@dclubbs_fitness Gateshead, UK


“I’ve used the Gym Chef seasonings for a while now and I’ve never looked back! Puts a healthy kick into my meals and the flavours are insane. My cupboards well stocked 😍”

@danieljon_18 North Wales


“The gym chef herbs and spices gave my food prep a breath of fresh air. After years of competing I was always worried about high sodium and sugar from off the shelf seasonings, these were a revolution”

@theindianbodycoach - Warwickshire, UK

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