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Tower of Power (Classic Edition) + 3 Pick & Mix Pots

£24.99 £29.96 saving £4.97
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Tower of Power (Classic Edition) + 3 Pick & Mix Pots

£24.99 £29.96 saving £4.97
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How many servings per pot?

Our seasoning blends come in 50g pots. We suggest using between 2g and 5g per breast of chicken, according to taste. 

That's enough for between 10 and 20 meals per pot. 

Get our amazing Tower of Power, and 3 extra pots for LESS.

    The normal value of these products would be £29.96, but we're giving them to you for just £25 - little more than the price of a Tower of Power.

    Just add this product to your basket to take advantage of this great offer.

    What do you get?

    • Tower of Power - That's 6 pots in one
    • 3 extra pots of your choice

    Just choose which extra pots you want from the selections above.

    What diets are The Gym Chef's Seasoning Blends Compatible with?

    As per our goals - TheGymChef's products are compatible with nearly all the diets out there.

    Examples include: vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Slimming World (0 Syns), WeightWatchers (0 ProPoints), Atkins, and more.

    You can use TheGymChef as seasoning for chicken, seasoning for fajitas, taco seasoning, and lots more. It also tastes great as seasoning for Quorn! 

    The Gym Chef was founded as a product for gym lovers, bodybuilders and pro athletes, but it's formula is great for anyone who wants to look after their diet without getting bored. 

    All of TheGymChef's products are without any added sugar, no added salt, no 'e' numbers, no MSGs, no GMOs... in other words The Gym Chef all natural seasoning blends are just that - all natural blends of herbs and spices with nothing added that doesn't need to be there.

    Try TheGymChef's seasoning blends with soup, stews, casseroles and even on your cooked breakfast. 


    Available whilst stocks last. We reserve the right to send a substitute if your requested extra pot(s) become unavailable. You must buy this product on this page to redeem this offer - if you order a Tower of Power on its own we will assume you just want a Tower of Power on its own - so if you want your 3 free pots you must use this page.